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The Intensive Online Course

Do you want to be 

truly seen and heard,

and to truly understand others?

Clear, Impactful, and Connected Communication is the Key to:

Wake the Talk UP! is dynamic learning platform

that cultivates clear, impactful, and connected communication

by accessing all facets of communication:



Physical Experience

Values & Belief Systems  

Awareness of The Self & Parts


Through a proprietary, interdisciplinary approach incorporating: 

Wake the Talk UP!

Nonviolent Communication

Internal Family Systems

Somatic Experiencing

Leadership Fundamentals

Expressive Arts

Mindfulness Embodiment Practices

Neural Patterning



Creative Problem Solving




Join Lauren Pappas and Allison Ayer for

Wake the Talk UP!’s Intensive Online Course

to cultivate more

Clear, Impactful, and Connected Communication.

This Immersive, Intimate, & Customized Course includes:

Tropical Leaves


Customized content for each cohort

Proprietary tools and practices

1x1 hot seat coaching  

Internal family systems (“IFS”) guided sessions

Interactive learning and exercises

1 Private 1x1 integration session with Lauren

1 Private 1x1 Internal Family Systems sessions with Allison

Journaling and community share prompts 

Weekly practice sessions

1x1 support from Lauren and Allison on the

Wake the Talk UP! community

Sunrise over the Wheat Field


Dandelion Leaves


Private Wake the Talk UP! Community


Course material and session recordings 


Priority access to Wake the Talk UP! programming

We wrap all of this in an intentional container,

crafting a personal development journey that will ripple into all aspects of your life. 

Meet the Creators

Lauren social change and interpersonal growth strategist who bridges human consciousness with the organizations and businesses that serve with purpose.

Lauren's consulting, workshop creation and facilitation, and coaching has intellectual foundations in finance, value-aligned business leadership, and political philosophy; is informed by spiritual studies and traditional consciousness wisdom, and is initiated in life’s traumas and healings.

She is the creator of Wake the Talk UP!, an empowerment journey to more effective, easeful, and rewarding communication. 


Allison is a launch catalyst for your dreams and ambitions that require a personal transformation. 

With 22 years of experience in physical therapy, self-expression, self-growth, and transformation, Allison provides resources and shifts for your mindset, nervous system, and body. 

Through The You Lab, she provides Integrated Physical, Environmental and Psychodynamic Work combining coaching, Internal Family Systems, Non-Violent Communication, A.R.T., P-DTR, Feng Shui, workshops, and mediation, making Allison the perfect ally for your journey to go deep and have fun in the process. 


we cover:

In The Intensive Online Course

LNP Consulting.lighter.logo.sun.png

Upcoming Intensive Dates

May 6th - June 24th 2022

7-Week Intensive

Fridays | Time TBD

Investment $1,588 USD

Sign up by April 8th and save 159! ($1,429)

Click for Course Schedule, Sign Up Page & Private Community  

Schedule a complimentary

30 minute Coaching Session 

to sample The Intensive Online Course

Waking Up to Our Internal Experience

If we don’t know what is true for us,

we simply cannot know what to say or how to say it. This session is the foundation for our entire workshop 

Waking Up to Each Other

What comes up, through, and out when we communicate with others? What can we learn about ourselves, and our relationships? 

Waking Up Our Discernment 

There are hundreds of thousands of words in the English language. Don’t bypass saying what you really mean.

Waking Up to Ourselves

How does communication with ourselves show up? How can we carry an inner dialogue that helps us do what we want and say what we mean? 

50 Shades of Waking Up

Truth… finite or infinite?

We expand our understanding of "truth", making space to better understand ourselves & others

Awakening Our Asking

We bring in everything we’ve learned and apply it to making requests.

Upcoming Dates

Wake the Talk UP! was an invitation to see and love myself for who I am on the inside. The best part is that this feels like just the beginning.

Taking the WTTU course and working 1:1 with Lauren and Allison launched me into an even bigger journey of Waking Up.

Want to know more about
The Intensive &
Custom Workshops? 

Leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

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