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Wake the Talk UP!

Clear - Impactful - Connected

Make Communication Your Greatest Asset

Wake the Talk UP!

Is a learning platform that helps people understand themselves and others. 

Our Intensive Online Course is a 22 hour, real-time class that includes:

  • Experiential learning

  • Hot seat coaching

  • Partner support

  •  1x1 mentorship 

  • Curated community 

  • Course sessions with dense and relatable information and tools


Together with Allison Ayer, we launched our bespoke Online Intensive Course in 2021.  


We envision

a world in which through working within and working together, humans can advance global, social, environmental, and human outcomes.

We believe

that words matter. Understanding allows us to expand into greater outcomes, together. Words bring us closer to achieving our desires.

That small shifts create big waves. 

IG posts Feminine Creation (1) copy.png
IG posts Feminine Creation (1) copy.png
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I used to tell myself all kinds of stories about how I was such a bad communicator... which led me to be a really introverted person. After taking Wake the Talk UP! ... I’m more confident... It's easier to communicate my needs and be vulnerable in conversations and be more honest.  I’ve been more present and a better listener.

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Leaves Shadows

Intensive Online Course

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Custom Corporate Workshops

Schedule a complimentary, 30-minute call to discuss your interest in the 

Online Intensive Course or our custom programming for your team or organization. 

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