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Consulting Services

Conscious Business


Conscious Business Strategy Consulting

Helping bring organizations with purpose to life

  • Effective and human-centered workplace culture

  • Vision, values, and purpose distillation

  • Mapping mission to goals, strategies, tactics

  • Custom “Wake the Talk UP!” curriculum for organizations and teams


Focusing on inflection points of change such as periods of rapid growth and leadership transitions, I offer advisory-style services and project-based consulting for organizations and companies at all stages related to:  

For more on my professional background, see my LinkedIn profile.


Conscious Leadership Coaching

I help you attune to your unique capabilities, in all parts of life

I am not here to coach or guide you - I am here to help you access your unique capacities.


I help you:

Achieve greater intimacy with your unique voice

Hear and trust your inner guidance

Access your capacity for joy and purpose 

Drawing on consciousness teachings and my business background, my approach provides both structure and fluid unfolding incorporating custom mindfulness practices, personality assessments, compassionate space-holding, and intuitive guidance. 

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Schedule a complimentary, 30 minute call to explore your interest one of my Conscious Business Consultation service offerings

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